You Really Don’t Care If Voter ID Is Enacted

So, you are a strapping young democrat. Or maybe not so young by the looks of the democrat party. You may be that democrat that thinks Bernie Sanders is the one.

You make yourself out as the intellectual of any debate. You may not always be correct on an issue, as you know, but you do claim a higher sense of morality in order to feel that you still are correct when the facts are against you.

You are vehemently against voter ID. You are thinking you are the best thing since sliced bread being served in bread lines in your socialist utopia. You have the perfect argument against voter ID.

Voter fraud is virtually non-existent, you say.

Now you have done it, you have showed up that pesky republican! The republican may have some kind of comeback, but you have the facts on your side!

You argue that it would be voter suppression and unconstitutional to allow for voter ID.

You have got them, those constitution loving republicans actually hating their constitution!

But, well, what you realize, but you don’t want to openly admit is that you are acting like a hypocrite.

You see, voter ID would not affect you one bit. The funny thing is, you have and ID and you wouldn’t go without. Why? Because you need it to do anything that you want to do inside and outside of this country.

You have your ID because you need to drive, because you need it to buy your alcohol and marijuana.

You aren’t one of those poor people you are claiming you are protecting. You have a job, of which you needed an ID for. Plus, you kind of needed your ID when you flew to the latest hemp and marijuana festival.

Oh, and don’t forget that you got a passport because you like to vacation down in Mexico.

You also spent a little extra money on one of those silly enhanced drivers licenses that works as a passport to get into Canada.

The right to drink, sell, and purchase alcohol was essentially affirmed in the constitution when they repealed prohibition, so you would have to see requiring and ID for alcohol as suppression of that right.

The reality is that you don’t see any purpose to requiring ID for any of those things, but you like the idea of control. You will do anything the government wants you to do in order for you to do what you want to do, but you take pleasure in the belief that you are controlling other people through the implementation of your desired policies.

Your rights are actually being violated. You are actually also getting controlled by your desired policies, but since your opposition hates those policies it gives you that sense of satisfaction that they are also partaking in the misery you have.

You really don’t care what the government does because you will do what it asks of you whether or not you wanted a policy put in place. What is really sad is that this means that you aren’t superior to republicans because republicans tend to do the same types of things. What is your escape? Do you want to escape? Nah! You may as well continue the charade because there is nothing worse than being one of those individuals who recognize the right of everybody to live with liberty as free individuals of course!

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