Destiny 2: A Game Review

In the past year or so I have made my attempt to get back into gaming. MMORPG games had been the type of games I have enjoyed most. (Next to Sim City and The Sims) My first MMORPG was Asheron’s Call 2 and I have vast amount of time I had spent playing World of Warcraft through the end content of Wrath of the Lich King. I came back shortly for about a month of Mists of Pandaria. So I decided to try out Destiny 2. I have not played the first Destiny game.

As a Warning, I feel like this is going to be a very critical and negative review. It may have some spoilers too but I will do what I can to not spoil the game too much for those who would like to play the game still.

Destiny 2 is a first person shooter game with MMORPG elements. If you are looking for something to replace World Of Warcraft because blizzard destroyed the World of Warcraft, Destiny 2 is not the game for you. It is a first person shooter first, MMORPG second.

The game can be “beat” in around 10 hours or less for the average gamer. The main story line allows you to bring a friend or two along, except for the quests to get the three class ability trees. The main story line never acknowledges the existence of you running the quest with other people, the interactions just run as if you are all one person. In fact, the storyline seems to be that you are the only one that got your guardian powers back and are essentially the hero, so immersion is broken in that sense since there are other guardians with their powers restored running around. It would have probably been a nice fix immersion wise if the quests acknowledged the existence of other people running the quest with you.

One huge issue the game has is with forming groups known as fireteams. Every person on the team is forced to be in the same place as the fireteam leader. Either on a planet or in orbit around a planet. You can be in different areas on the same planet, but being on different planets is not possible. Also, spaceships are there to be nothing more than a flashy loading screen when going to different planets.

Clans are the guilds of Destiny 2. You can get bonus loot if your clan completes Crucible, Nightfall, Raids, and Trials of the Nine. There is also extra benefits to be gotten from your clan leveling up. Each character can make 5000xp a week for the clan and the clan can only earn a certain capped amount of xp per week. This would appear to give incentive for people to try to get as many people as possible to join their clan in order to level the clan quickly to get all the bonuses.

The raid allows a maximum of 6 people in the fireteam. 6 being a number that is not reasonable as far as clans because 6 people would take a long time to level a clan and a clan looking to level at a reasonable pace will have far more than 6 people. Perhaps the developers may come up with a 10 man raid or something in the future, but I have to say the clan system offers mostly only bonus loot instead of camaraderie. There is no real way to communicate with clan members other than one by one through voice chat in fireteams or through the out of game app, console messaging, or destiny 2 website. Most people who join a clan may not even know the app and website exist.

There are scout missions that reward loot as well as public events to grind. Strikes are essentially PvE dungeons though which strike you do is just random and it is limited to about 3 different strikes. Nightfall is a harder version of one of the strikes. Crucible is PVP and the PvP mode is random, and from what I understand, Trials of the Nine is a more hardcore version of PvP. You also get Xp and loot from PvP win or lose.

The Raid I have not done. I believe it likely can be seen as a longer and more difficult strike that allows 6 people in the fireteam instead of just 3.

From what I have seen and heard, there is no real need for class variety for doing the content in Destiny 2. It all seems to come down to you shoot stuff and have some special abilities that are nice to use when they are available. No real tanking or healing dynamic. You shoot stuff and try to not get shot.

A good thing about the game, though, is there is zero fighting over loot. Loot drops specifically for each person and is specific to their class. (Though weapons are not class specific.) This also results in everybody having the same thing. What could be considered rare loot isn’t really rare. You will quickly have a stash of “exotic” gear which is restricted to only one piece of exotic armor and one exotic weapon. As far as game balance, if everybody basically has all the same stuff, there is less need for the developers to try to re-balance weapons or armor because it may seem too over or under powered since everybody will likely have the same access to the same weapons and armor. Though this seems to eliminate some of the aspect of working to get some specific piece of loot. There are some quest items that give you special weapons that require you to complete a quest, get a specific kill, or complete a raid. Though, again, everyone can acquire those special weapons by completing the tasks. Most other loot appears to eventually get acquired while continuing to grind.

Light level is basically the thing that separates people. The main goal being to get light level as high as possible to unlock whatever higher level content and loot there may be. If you have a piece of gear you like and you find a higher level item, you can generally infuse the higher level item into the piece you want to keep in order to raise your light level. This is both for cosmetic purposes and also to maintain any addons on your weapons or armor.

There is a decent amount of content to do in the game, though you aren’t going to find something new you haven’t already done a month down the road, or really even a week. Most of the game content could be experienced in just a few weeks. So the major selling point of the game is the FPS aspect.

Destiny 2 not a game for anybody looking for some MMORPG experience. It is a game for an FPS experience that would like some PvE content to do outside of PvP. While you could spend hundreds of hours doing PvE content, but it is hundreds of hours grinding the same thing. While most MMORPGs would have hundreds of hours of original content before you get to a point where you are just grinding.

I have been considering whether or not to purchase the PC version when it finally arrives. Maybe the experience will be a bit different on PC than on console. However, I am not huge on FPS games and the MMORPG aspect just does not balance out the fact that the game is a FPS.

For an MMORPG, this game is basically crap. For a FPS, it is a good game and is likely on par with any other FPS games out there, though, I suggest that the PvP modes being random is a significant negative aspect to the game. Heck, there seems to be no way to even battle your friends except by random chance.

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