Net Neutrality: Does it go Both Ways?

I want to know, does it go both ways or are people just picking on Internet service providers?

What about other businesses that give you lesser service or no service if you aren’t paying a premium?

There are websites out there that don’t give you HD stream speed options for videos. Are we going to require amazon not give a cheaper Standard Definition option and require they offer HD video download speeds?

What if Youtube decides you can only get Standard Definition video unless you pay a premium?

How about search engines like google? Are we going to mandate they treat all websites equally in their search results? Because it is pretty obvious that they are biased towards certain websites as far as searches go.

How about web hosting service providers? They all limit the amount of data transfer or speeds at which people can access your website. The more you pay the more you get as far as web hosting. You know, that premium everybody is scared of having to pay for their service? Why should Google be free to host millions of people all at once with all that data transfer while if I am not even allowed to host my own videos on my own web service because they don’t give me the transfer speeds unless I pay a premium.

What about all these video codecs and copyright protections on digital media? Sometimes I am not allowed to watch some videos because I use Linux as an operating system, or I am required to watch the videos in lower quality. Should that all be regulated so people who use Linux have the same access to content as people who use Windows or Mac?

Do people only care if Internet service providers do the alleged premium content access speeds and not when there are plenty of examples of actual web sites that do such things?

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