Where Liberals Get Money Wrong

Money is the root of all evil.

At least that is what they say.

This is a quote from the bible, or at least we occasionally get lectured about it. There is one problem though, that is not what the bible says about money.

The bible actually states: “For the love of money is the root of all evil.”

This is from 1 Timothy 6:10 of the KJV bible. Those 4 extra words at the beginning of that quote completely change the meaning of what is being said in that passage. Those four words completely destroy what most all liberal minded people say about money.

You see, money cannot be evil. Money cannot make a person evil. And this idea is disturbing to the liberal mindset. Liberals want money to be evil, they want rich people to be considered evil because of having lots of money. However, the consequences of the real quote from the bible means that it is not money or rich people that are evil, that it is the love of money that roots people in evil.

The liberal mindset has a deep love for money. We can call it greed. That is where they want to take your money from you and give it to themselves. They love money so much that they cannot stand other people having it. However they deny the first four words of that bible verse in order to justify taking your money away from you.

It also means that they are completely wrong about the idea of money in politics. It is not the money that is the problem, or the amounts of money candidates receive. It has everything to do with the individual politician. Giving unlimited amounts of dollars to politicians is not evil. What would be evil is the actual politician that has the liberal mindset of greed. The politician that works hard to take more money out of your pockets and into their hands instead of pursuing something of value for the people they are to represent.

Money is your time, it is your labor. Once you fall in love with money, you start wanting more. Money from your own labor isn’t enough, so you seek to take it from others. We’re not talking about paying somebody to help you make more money, we are talking about actually taking other peoples money. This is the evil. The money you make yourself is not enough, you want more so you seek to take it from others which will ultimately result in your own destruction or the destruction of the lives of the people you take it from.

This is what evil is, this is what evil does. It seeks to have control over other people and it will never result in a better standard of living for anyone and the person of whom is in love with money will never have enough to satiate their greed unless they are willing denounce their love of money.

So, the next time someone with a liberal mindset on money tries to tell you that you are evil for wanting to keep your money, you can now explain to them that it is they who are the ones that are evil.

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