Time To Let The GOP Go

It has lived it’s purpose. It was created in order to end slavery, it did that. Then it moved on to eliminate institutionalized race discrimination, and achieved that. The GOP has effectively ended institutionalized racism and sexism.

Therefore the purpose of the GOP is complete and it is time to disband the GOP.

Right now, it is trying to hang on, but it has no real defined purpose anymore. This is why the GOP has so many issues because there is nothing for them to stand for but getting themselves elected.

It likely may just be forced to disband after this next election is finished. Maybe not immediately, but it will be fractured well enough that it is inevitable that it will dissolve. The nice thing is that the party of inclusion, tolerance, and equality will be able to absorb the majority of the republican politicians while the rest of the country figures out what new party will be created or what will be the new party.

Personally, I am fine with the democrat party doing whatever they can to further destroy this country in order for a true party of liberty to rise up out of the ashes of the republican party. I will protest the whole way as the idiots continue towards a more fascist and totalitarian government. The price of liberty may require a bit of time with a totalitarian system in order to make it know that the people truly want liberty.

So, all you republican politicians might want to consider starting to put the letter D next to your name if you feel like you deserve to be in government because the R isn’t going to get you very far anymore.

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