Thousands of Individuals planning protest on Washington State Capitol

An event is setup on Facebook here.

The event is being organized by Gavin Seim, who was a recent congressional candidate for the 4th congressional district. He also engages in various instances of political activism and civil disobedience against unjust laws and public servants who are seen as allegedly violating laws that are in place.

The event is in response to the results of the November 4th election for the initiative 594 where the current count has 1,171,952 individuals voting yes and 810,450 individuals voting no for the measure. The total number of registered voters is 3,921,679 and the population of Washington state as of 2013 is 6,971,406.

Initiative 594 is a measure that extends the requirement for background checks for firearms transfers and sales to individuals who do not hold a Federal Firearms License.

A Federal Firearms License is required for a business to manufacture, sell, and transfer firearms and ammunition, but is not required for individuals who are not engaged in those activities regularly.

The Federal Firearms License enables individuals in the firearm and ammunition business to have access to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System to run background checks on individuals looking to purchase a firearm.

I-594 does not give non-licensed individuals access to the NICS so an individual looking to sell or transfer a firearm under I-594 would either need to obtain their FFL or they would need to locate and go to a Federally Firearms Licensed individual or business in order to do the firearms sale or transfer.

There are specific exemptions for specific transfers to specific individuals within I-594 which does not appear to include the actions which may be taken place by individuals who may exchange firearms at the protest event.

Without following those exemptions exactly, and without background checks, any individual who sells or transfers a gun at the event, and any individual who purchases or receives a gun at the event will be committing a Gross Misdemeanor for the first sale or transfer, and then a felony thereafter.

This means that after the first offense, the felony offense will prohibit the individual from possession of a firearm.

I-594 goes into effect on December 4th. The sale and transfer of a firearm between individuals who are not in the business of selling and transferring firearms may freely do so until then.

The event is December 13th. The sale and transfer of a firearm between individuals who are not in the business of selling and transferring firearms will not be free to do so on that date unless the sale or transfer meets one of the specific exemptions within I-594 or the individual receiving the firearm is put through a background check with a Federally Firearms Licensed individual or business.

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