Things That Men Hear in a Lifetime (That Women Just don’t)

Huffington Post created a video about 48 Things That Women Hear In a Lifetime (That Men Just Don’t).

So I have decided to show the contrast between what women hear about themselves and what men hear about themselves. So I have made a list of things that men hear. However my list may not be in any kind of chronological order as it is to life or fully represent the age spectrum with any kind of precision.

  1. Boys are stupid
  2. You throw like a girl
  3. What are you, Gay?
  4. You are such a Queer.
  5. You are such a pussy
  6. He is such a sissy.
  7. You must have a tiny dick
  8. He must be compensating for something
  9. You were so cute when you were young
  10. You need to get a girlfriend.
  11. Have you found a girl you like yet?
  12. Why do you hate women?
  13. Men are so lazy
  14. Be a man
  15. Suck it up
  16. You’re such a douche
  17. You’re sexist
  18. You’re a pig
  19. He’s just a wimp
  20. Did you get sand in your vagina?
  21. You are whipped
  22. You need to get laid
  23. Walk it off
  24. I’m going to rape you
  25. I’m going to mess you up
  26. Eat a dick
  27. Go screw yourself
  28. Your mom
  29. You are a dick
  30. Grow a pair
  31. You’re such a fag
  32. You aren’t a real man
  33. A real man would cry
  34. A real man wouldn’t cry
  35. It’s easy for a man to make a living
  36. Chauvinist Pig
  37. You have male privilege

I got the first 20 done in about an hour, spent the rest of that day occasionally adding a more as I thought about them, then today I decided it would be enough. I figure I don’t want to waste too much time doing in depth research to fully get to 48 line items. Plus, it is a bit difficult to know whether some phrases normally spoken can be subtly construed to be insulting to men.

So have fun with this list.

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