The rape problem!

So as everybody knows, the problem with society is rape culture. The U.S. is filled with rapists, which is dangerous to women. So it is time to challenge the patriarchy in order to restore the right of women to not be raped.

Too long have rapists had the freedom to stand concealed in the shadows and be protected by the patriarchy. So now is the time to say, NO MORE! It is time to implement new societal standards in order to expose all of the rapists and prevent them from raping people.

It is time to implement a CPL (Concealed Penis License). It is time to tell our leaders that we won’t let it stand anymore! It is time to make it illegal for a man to conceal his penis unless his background is thoroughly penetrated and he has 40 hours of anti-rape training. A small fee will also be necessary for acquiring the license and the man will be required to pay for any and all anti-rape training. This training can be acquired from a licensed anti-rape trainer of the NRA (Nevermore Rapists Association).

The CPL will mean that a man has earned the right to a concealed penis. Men who do not achieve a CPL will be easily spotted as a rapist. An aroused man would be easy to spot, so women would more easily be able to know who they may need to beat off.

Call your elected representatives today and tell them you want them to pass common sense anti-rape laws to prevent dangerous rapists from being able to easily rape a woman! It has been long and hard, but the climax is coming. We can end rape culture today!

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