The Prepper Dystopia

I will have to admit that I do not follow any kind of professional prepper or necessarily do everything that the professional preppers suggest should be done. Anyways…

I believe in capitalism. In order to fix a dystopia, you have to use capitalism. More than likely in this dystopia, much of the capital that existed has been destroyed and since a socialist or communist system needs that capital in order to function, you cannot fix a dystopia with anything other than a capitalist system. In fact, the dystopia probably exists due to socialism or communism.

It sort of bothers me when I hear about prepping and the preppers consider going out to the middle of nowhere to live life, or that they may just live on their own protecting their stash. It bothers me because I don’t understand why working with others is not taken into consideration. In this dystopia, there has to be a point where you work with others in order to end the dystopia and restore things to what I would perhaps call a normal existence. Whether you have 1 month of food or 10 years of food, you are eventually going to have to figure out how to get more food. It is relatively pointless to have an emergency stash if you aren’t going to concern yourself with re-building.

You are going to want to have people who can grow food, people and equipment to haul the food, and an economic system to distribute the food. You’ll want people who can build the vehicles and run the factories in order to create the things that make getting food easier. You’ll want cattle farmers, people who can repair vehicles and equipment, and people who can create weapons and ammunition.

This will all take capitalism. The disasters of today that essentially destroy areas are all best cured with capitalism.

However, I cannot really fathom that this dystopia would ever actually exist.

Even if the place you live was leveled and you were the only one left in existence, if you could find a vehicle, you have a choice of many towns to travel to on just one tank full of gas.

Now, I understand the benefits of being prepared for some kind of disaster, but it is important to look a bit farther into the future as to what your plans should be once the disaster has ended. It just seems to me that if you want to continue to live in a dystopia, you would stay holed up eating your rations and defending your stash instead of working to restore or rebuild a bustling economy.

It just might make sense to trade some of your stash for something you may want or need that you cannot necessarily get or do yourself. Plus, if you ever want to get something as simple as a pencil, it would be a good idea to get that capitalism going again.

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