The Human Race is Insane

It has to be some kind of genetic defect or something similar because it is absolutely insane that they create complex social systems to deal with the simple act of having a relationship with another person. I am talking of bureaucracy. Not only do they want the social system that puts people in a state of marriage, but they also want that same social system to determine when they are not married.

Any sane human being would be able to determine marriage all by themselves without some bureaucracy or group of people recognizing the marriage. Also any sane person would end a relationship without needing the same type of system to end it. You don’t like somebody anymore, you just move on, go away, or send them away. Why the heck would anybody want to force you to deal with somebody you hate on a somewhat regular basis? Why would you want to put yourself in a position to deal with somebody you hate?

Oh right, because for some reason the human race is insane and wants some supposed intellectually elite group of people to decide on the legitimacy of peoples relationships.

Not only are they stupid with their relationships, they know they are all self interested individuals only really concerned about themselves yet act as if they don’t know they are that way. This means the insane humans stupidly that some other insane human that they put on some pedestal for some reason is somehow exempt from the whole self interest thing. They don’t seem to get the fact that their representative represents them, which includes the representation of their insanity.

Heck, the insane humans have created quick, easy, cheap, and efficient systems to educate children on an individualized basis, yet they will give up their parental duty and right to teach their own children to some traditional generic mass system of education. They see how it fails and puts limitations on their children, but they give up more and more of their livelihood to give kids a mass education instead of an individualized education.

What insanity it is to reproduce and not pass on your values to your children but instead have a bunch of other insane human beings, with no genetic interest in your children, teaching your children their values. Why even bother to reproduce at all as any greatness that may have been in your lineage would be wiped clean because of this generic mass education system?

They even use their social systems to inflict violence on each other on a massive scale under the guise of trying to help others in the world. The fact is that they are acting on their self interest. They believe their social system is the better system and want to pass on their values throughout the world. The insane human beings cannot recognize that conflict can be eliminated by leaving each other alone and peacefully interacting with each other.

Sure, there will always be violence. Even if the human race ever became sane. However, mass violence comes from mass self interest. Mass violence will also result in a mass violent reaction. As long as the insane human beings continue to not recognize that there is massive self interest in their social systems, there will be mass violence and mass conflict. A social system that recognizes and understands the existence of self interest in all human beings will not only protect against self interest, but also be a far more peaceful system.

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