Shall I Try to Make Use of My Website Again….Maybe

The Internet is full of media these days to report on everything ten times over and it makes it almost redundant for me to even try to be a news outlet. Mostly I believe I am going to just post what seems interesting and important enough to me and it may not even have anything to do with current events.

I feel like it might be a better idea to try to shill my website instead of use social media completely to get my ideas out there. I also believe it may be the best alternative to any and all media outlets as far as interaction with other people. I feel like everybody should have their own web space on the Internet where ultimately they have control over what is or isn’t acceptable to post. In fact, I would almost go as far as everybody should host their own web space from their own web server from their own homes.

Though many, if not most, standard Internet access providers frown upon their customers hosting web servers if they haven’t specifically opted for web hosting type service. Also most providers these days don’t offer Internet speeds that make it reasonable to host a web server from home. Probably a close alternative is finding a data center nearby, build and setup your server, and take your server to the data center to host your website.

However, the real issue with websites these days is that most people don’t really go to them except through search engines or social media posts. If you want to have clicks, you do likely need to do some serious marketing.


  1. I would say it depends on your current following. With the scale of websites that already exist on the www, I found it difficult to generate traffic. Unless of course you want to fund Google and the like coffers using their services.

    There aren’t many websites that I go to looking for info, most of my browsing is done using social media and a limited few sites at that. It is also relevant to consider attention span, this is in limited quantity these days. A lot of people who use the internet daily are looking for their quick fix and personally I think in order to keep them interested you have to generate a huge following straight off the bat! This will allow a decent amount of sharing (To social media sites.) to continue that increase in following.

    I suppose it depends on how much outlay it will take to continue running the site and I mean time more than money. Although it is important to continue doing something you believe in and as the saying from the Field of Dreams goes: “If you build it, they will come!”. Maybe I am having an argument in my head as I type this, as I too am considering whether I should delve back into having my own website. I just remember the amount of time I put into my last one and the costs were a concern too.

    I think what I am trying to say is, if you believe in it do it!

    1. Haha, welcome to my realm!

      I would say if you get hosting service from somebody, the cost isn’t really a big issue and this wordpress stuff really makes having a website somewhat simple and easy. Though you might need to have at least some slightly technical knowhow as far as FTP and SQL database stuff. At least for the initial setup.

      The only problem, though, you do have data limits in a sense that you cannot really use it to become the next youtube or photo sharing site.

      I do believe, though, that people should move back towards going to websites than depending on social media or even google to get information in front of them. I have been bookmarking some websites as of late to help me actually work towards going to the websites instead of using social media or google to view what comes up.

      I get the feeling things are going to head in the direction sort of away from social media, maybe even youtube.

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