Nuclear Device Disrupts the Perfect Nap

The day was perfect. The shielding was in place. The concrete was the perfect dampness. Even the wind was blowing just right.

It happened right next to the pool. The perfect nap.

Nothing was disturbing the two puppies. Birds, the hammering of nails, people petting them and walking by. They weren’t even bothered by the person taking photos of them. It seemed as if nothing would disturb this nap.

Dognap1Then it happened. The shielding started to fail, and the bright light and radiation from the nuclear device began to leak through. Unfortunately BT(Big Tree) shields cannot be easily adapted to account for changes in direction, either another BT shield needs to be in place, or shelter needs to be sought under the BT shield according to the direction from which the radiation is coming from.

The radiation and light from the nuclear device just became too strong, and caused the perfect nap to be disturbed.

Kesla decided to seek shelter under the H(Home) shield, which is a more advanced shielding system compared to the BT shield. Razule decided to try to wait it out, but became frustrated.

Razule is contemplating the creation of a device that will stop the rotation of the earth.

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