No, you don’t have the right to block the roads.

Now, just to be clear, I am not giving any legal advice. Any action you may take is solely your own actions as a free individual. Nobody but your own self is responsible for your actions.

The legal system is so screwed up that even though what I am going to say here is correct in a legal sense, you might still get screwed in court.

No, you do not have a right to block the streets in protest. Unless you have a scheduled protest where the street is cordoned off so traffic can take detours, you have no right to effectively block traffic flow through the streets. The reason being that if you do not allow for individuals not in your protest to travel on their way, if you effectively block people from being able to travel to their destination, then you have created a situation where you have illegally detained innocent people.

Now, you need to understand this. If you do not allow an approaching vehicle through your blockade, you are illegally detaining innocent people. Now, generally people have been tolerant of the blockade protests. Tolerant enough that I don’t believe there has really been any incidents where the illegally detained people have taken actions that they have the right to take. Also that very few numbers of people have been arrested for these blockade protests. You might consider thanking the people you have illegally detained for allowing you to protest in such a way without you ending up being harmed or arrested.

Now, you should also understand that when you do these blockades like you do for trump rallies, you literally are putting your life on the line.


Because these people you have illegally detained have the right to plow right through your blockade if they desire. If you do not allow them a way to escape, then you have illegally detained them and they have the right to do whatever they feel necessary to restore their freedom.

Now, if you are the poor bastard that gets stuck by one of these blockade protests, I would recommend that it is best to exhaust any and all peaceful means to travel to your destination before you choose to break through the blockade. And again, I am not saying this as legal advice. Your actions are your own and not a result of what I am explaining here. The courts are so messed up that you could get screwed for freeing yourself from the illegal detention.

And for the idiot bastards blocking the roads, consider that if a person decided to plow through your blockade, that person would be in the right. If there is any sense of justice in the courts, any lawsuit you may try to file for injury would be thrown out.

So please respect the right of people to be free when engaging in protest.

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