Late Breaking News, Man Goes To Work!

A citizen of the United States went to work today. In an economy that is controlled by the monetary policy of the Federal Reserve, it is difficult to find a person working these days.

Nearly 39% of the population works a job outside of government while about another 7% of the population works for the government. Interestingly enough this citizen was also working a job in the private sector.

When asked why he still worked, while up to 50% of his paycheck goes to taxes, he responded: “Well, I’m just trying to make some money to pay the bills.”

This was odd, it was as if he didn’t understand the monetary policies of the Federal Reserve and the futility of working in an economy destroyed by the Fed.

He was asked what he thought about the federal reserve deciding to continue to have artificially low interest rates to continue the bubble economy and he responded, “I don’t know, what is the Federal Reserve?”

It was amazing that somebody that stupid could hold a job. It was as if he didn’t know the policies of the Federal Reserve that cause inflation, making the value of the dollars he was working a job for to drop. Why would anyone work a job without knowing the value of the dollars they are being paid with?

When asked what he thought about Janet Yellen and what she has to say about inflation he responded, “Well, I don’t always check my tires but they generally seem to stay inflated.”

It was as if the idiot had no clue about how Yellen believed that raising the prices of goods and services somehow helps the poor more easily afford the things they need while also somehow lifting the middle class. The guy seemed to have no clue about how inflation benefits the rich while screwing over the poor.

Then this meat head was asked about whether or not he believes deflation would be the best course for the economy, he stated: “Well, I guess it is a good thing depending on which side you are on. I have heard things but don’t really know enough to know whether it is actually good or not. I guess it should be tried though you probably can get into some big trouble if caught doing it.”

Amazingly enough that comment gave this journalist a glimmer of hope while being slightly confusing but accurate.

When asked about who he has listened to for his views on deflation, expecting people like Peter Schiff or Ron Paul, he had this to say: “Well, Tom Brady seems to be the go to guy.”

It appears there is no stopping the Fed inflationary policies and there will be a full blown currency crisis in the near future.

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