I titled the article this way on purpose and once you read it you will have an emotional response

I don’t get it. Are journalists clueless as to how to properly title an article anymore?

Do people not recognize how annoying article titles like this are? They have no substance to them and drive me away from actually reading your articles.

I mean, if you were looking for a book to learn how to build tables would you get the book titled, ‘Some guy spent two years writing this book, once you read it you will be able to do what he did!‘ or would you get the book titled, ‘Table building and how to build various types of tables.‘ ?

I don’t want to claim I know exactly how an article would be considered properly titled. I haven’t taken an English class for a while nor do I have an editor to check my articles. However it is common sense to have the subject of your article in the title so people have some idea of what they are going to read about.

Stop with the click bait, stop sharing articles with these titles. If there is any real information within the article, then write a title that informs people about the actual subject of the article.

Well, if you want people to actually read your articles, then you might consider titles with the actual subject matter in the title.

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