Hole Resource Found, Exploited, Violence Erupts.

Violence erupted between two factions today when Razule discovered and began to exploit a hole resource.

When Kesla showed up to take advantage of the new hole vein, Razule didn’t take too kindly to it. Dirt was flying, ears were bitten, and heads were buried in the sand. It was a very dirty fight.


When asked for comment, Kesla said: “We have a contract agreement that we share everything, I don’t understand why Razule would try to keep me from exploiting the new hole resource.”

Razule responded: “Kesla isn’t nearly as smart as me, her definition of sharing is communism. She believes that she owns what I found, when it is I who own it. I only choose to share things with her, but retain ownership of everything I share.”

“Smart!?” Kesla Remarked: “You want to talk about smart? How about that time you went jumping off the ledge? That was pretty smart huh?”

Razule Responded: “This coming from the one that found herself at the bottom of a window well.”

Kesla angrily replied: “You pushed me!”

Razule responded: “Nobody saw it happen, you couldn’t prove that even if it were true!”

Kesla had no response.

Razule then explained how it is true that they have agreed to share everything, the agreement doesn’t allow for either of them to take ownership of something the other acquires.

“Sharing is mutual.” Razule said, “I’ll gladly share something with her when she also shares with me. I believe the fact that everything we have was just given to us has driven her to believe that sharing means she owns everything I own.”

Razule explained how Kesla’s definition of sharing allows her to be in more control of acquisitions¬†because she is the larger of the two.

Razule was able to come out on top in the battle.

“I usually prefer a diplomatic approach, like I have been doing with the cats. Though it is sometimes necessary to resort to a more forceful approach. Kesla does tend to come out on top because she is bigger than me. I don’t take it too personally, but when I know I need to win, I win.”

The cats were asked for comments, they both stated: “I don’t care what the dogs do, they just sure as hell better leave me alone and stay out of my way.”

There was a display of force by one cat, no injuries or collateral damage occurred.

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