Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks Thanks His Followers for Pointing Out His Slanderous Mistake

About a week ago a video on the Young Turks Youtube channel showed Cenk Uygur, the founder and CEO of The Young Turks, LLC, reporting that the popular conservative, Sara Palin, had made a statement saying that the black lives matter protesters are not people.

In that video, he played the audio of Sara Palin saying that the media should “quit claiming that these rioters are peaceful.”

After playing the audio, Cenk Uygur says to “note there that she said that these protesters, they’re not people.”

He even doubles down and says that she “Literally said that they’re not people.”

Then Cenk says “Amazing! No self Awareness at all.” (The irony of him making this statement to come shortly.)

He continues with making it a point that she said that they aren’t people through his video the whole time.

He talks about the Bundy ranch and how he condemn’s them and makes a statement saying “we don’t say all white people aren’t people, because that would be preposterous!”

Also Cenk makes another statement in relation to the condemnation of Black Lives Matter protesters that those condemning say that “there’s one black shooter that shoots a cop. That’s It it’s over blacks and they’re not even people!”

Also Cenk states “Who would categorize and entire group of people, an entire group of protesters, for the actions of one man, a person who think’s they’re all the same! You know, those non people!”

Now, I said the irony would come because after all of that, Cenk Uygur had the transcript on his desk and he literally put the transcript of Sarah Palin’s statements on the screen and Cenk literally read it word for word.

Cenk Uygur read aloud from the transcript of Sarah Palin’s interview: “Media: quit claiming the rioters are ‘peaceful’ as they stomp on our flag, shout ‘death to cops!’ and celebrate violence. It is sick. You perpetuate a perverted message evil men thrive on to intimidate and warp malleable minds that would believe one race matters more than another. Blood is on your complicit hands when you naively or purposefully refuse to tell of this movement’s truth.”

After reading that transcript aloud and word for word, Cenk move on with his report to just plain attacking Sarah Palin for things that happened with her family.

Further in he talks about a violent incident that happened with members of her family and attempts to label Sarah and her family as thugs from the incident he makes a statement, “You got a riot on your hands. What kind of thugs start a riot like this. The Palin family! When it’s white people who do the violence, they celebrate it! She said afterwords ‘oh that’s just my son and husband protecting themselves and my family by punching people repeatedly in the face, YEAGHHHH! Oh, when white people do it, you’re patriotic Americans. When black people do it, they’re thugs, they’re not even people.”

After much attention was given to that video, they took it down off of their Youtube channel.

The video below is Cenk Uygur’s ‘correction’ where he thanked his followers for pointing out his slanderous mistake.

However, he is still unwilling to report the fact that Sarah Palin said the word ‘peaceful’ because he states in his ‘correction” that “I think that in this proper context that it is that she did say they are not peaceful.”

Cenk says “We want to be as right as we possibly can.”

He thanks his viewers for correcting him, but he doesn’t apologize to his viewers or even Sarah Palin for this blatantly slanderous ‘mistake’.

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