And It Shall Be Called Hypocrisy.

I was thinking today, as I watched a bunch of Republicans increase taxes, about hypocrisy.

Now, the grand champion trophy of hypocrisy is still held by the Democrats, but the Republicans have been working hard for it as of late. You can kind of imagine this achievement like a bunch of guys in an arena trying to grab it off of the rope it is tied to and hanging from the ceiling all the while fighting off the other guys fighting to reach it. Ultimately it doesn’t matter who wins it, what matters is the entertainment value to the people watching. Ultimately this is how the fighters make their money, having people willing to watch this entertainment act unfold in front of their eyes.

So, now that that is established, I will talk about the hypocrisy of the Republican party. Now, to be fair, when I mention the Republican party or republicans, I am talking about those politicians that have essentially melded their minds together and will vote whatever grand master republican chooses to vote. I am not talking about those who are republican mostly for the sake of having a political label. You have a two party system, and having the label is probably about the same as getting an extra $5000 for your campaign. So really, you can be offended or not depending on how you see yourself and label yourself. You decide.

Now, I am also not going to talk about the hypocrisy of taxes and tax increases. Or maybe I will….Perhaps just mentioning it may actually be me lying…but I digress.

But seriously, legalize pot, and what do republicans want? TAXES!
Or alcohol, free market republicans, TAX THE BASTARDS!

Golly Gee, I thought republicans hated taxes…

Ok, I think I got that out of my system. Now I can move on to the education system.

Now, it is common knowledge that schools, especially colleges, are seen as liberal strongholds of communist ideology. Even the education lobby is highly liberal and appear to be of the belief that money is infinite and can be printed out of thin air.

Well, currency gets printed, but that only makes the value of money go down. You literally cannot print money out of thin air because real money isn’t actually a physical commodity. It is essentially an exchange of your time. Short of creating a time machine, you can only ever create money from the time you spend doing something. Even then, the time you spend doing one thing may not be as valuable to another person.

Do I go off on tangents too much, or is it just that everything ties together so well?

Anyways, conservatives, republicans, those on the right, whatever you want to label them, are generally against the liberal indoctrination that comes from the public schools and colleges. They don’t like the anti-gun school policies, they don’t like the communist instructors, they don’t like the racist and intolerant policies that the colleges and schools put in place.

Kid bites a pop tart into the shape of a gun, BOOM, kid is suspended. Kids get in some kind of tiff at school, and it takes the entire government of the town to punish whichever one is labeled as the bully. You don’t reconcile differences anymore, you take it to court.

So, what do those Republicans do to combat the nanny state indoctrination in these schools?

Well, they give more money to the schools, of course! They even encourage more kids to go to college by reducing the cost of tuition! (Well, reducing the cost of tuition is really codename for increasing the cost of tuition…you kinda have to understand the basics of economics to understand that though.)

So those silly Republicans, all about education, no matter the cost!

Keep reaching for that trophy!

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