You Have Lost, Get Over It!

Dear gun control groups and gun control advocates,


You have lost.

You have failed.

You have lied.

Get over it.

It doesn’t matter how many laws you have passed. You have lost. The statistics are not in your favor at all. The statistics are basically in spite of your claims.

The low estimate is that there are enough guns owned in the U.S. to arm at least 90% of the population. (Some estimates are upwards of over 100% of the population could be armed.) The chances are that at least one house on your block has enough guns and ammunition to arm you and your neighborhood block.

That number is quickly heading towards 2 guns per citizen as each month nearly 1 million guns are sold according to the background check statistics.

Your argument for proliferation of guns is destroyed by the murder statistics which has dropped by almost 50% since the first background check. Violent crime has also dropped at pretty much the same rate. I am of the understanding that the last time the murder rate was this low it was the year 1950.

Most all of the mass murders that have happened have happened in places where being located in a specified area while being in possession of a gun is illegal. The latest mass murder at a gun free college happened, and every single law that you want was in place in this state short of actual bans and confiscation. Which you claim you don’t want to ban or confiscate while it is no secret that you would not mind having gun confiscations and bans. The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence used to be known as the National Coalition to Ban Handguns. (The link is to a statement where they advocate banning handguns.) They merely changed the name because they also want to address other types of guns.

Now, you see, you have a problem. You can’t ban guns. The statistics are not in your favor. You will literally start the freedom revolution by doing so. You will be the reason all of your hard work will be thrown completely out the window because as soon as you start banning guns and trying to confiscate them, you will have law abiding citizens shooting the people trying to come in their door to take their firearms.

You will literally cause the mass genocide of many United States citizens and when the majority of people see what is happening, you will be the reason government gets abolished.

300+ million guns. This is not Canada. This is not the United Kingdom. This is not France. This is the United States. There is nothing left you can do as far as law. The places you got your golden rules implemented have not seen any effect and are shining examples of your failure. All that you have left is actual ban and confiscation of firearms. However, you cannot even win on that if you make it happen.

There are too many guns in the United States to fight a war on those who own guns and have it result in your delusional utopia. You are already in denial about the failures of your current laws when it comes to mass murders. Are you going to be in denial about the tens or hundreds of thousands of people who would die in order for you to win your utopia? Would you be ready to surrender when you lose that war?


Logic and Reason

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