Why Businesses are a Problem, or How I Learned that Both Political Parties Hate Businesses.

Here comes, quite possibly, a fairly biased piece from me. I am fairly perturbed by the fact that not only do the Democrats appear to loathe businesses, but I also see the Republicans having a loathing for businesses too.

You see, the key is that they find businesses that don’t quite align with their preferred personal virtues.

We can see this phenomenon in action coming from the local level here in the Tri-Cities, Washington.

The recent Richland city council meeting had council members, who I believe consider themselves Republicans arguing against allowing businesses to be created in the city limits that would be growing, processing, or selling marijuana products. One of our state representatives, Brad Klippert, was even there arguing to put the prohibition of a business in place.

The Mayor of Kennewick had some interesting testimony as to why he voted to institute the Kennewick prohibition, or what it would have taken to keep him from voting to institute the ban, when he spoke at a recent Columbia Basin Badger Club meeting.

It is slightly difficult to bring forward a local Democrat example as the majority of politicians in this area are Republicans.

Though, it is easy to see the anti-business attitude from the democrat level by just taking the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act into consideration. Businesses run and compete based on what products and services they can provide, whereas the PPACA defines what a business is required to provide which either puts all businesses at the exact same level, or causes businesses to no longer be able to compete with one another.

I guess somehow equality under the law means something different to Democrats. I am sure there is a difference between just plain equality and equality under the law. Perhaps something to do with receiving the same legal treatment from the government as any other individual instead of making sure every individual gets the same exact stuff another individual has.

Luckily for the Democrats though, the Republicans also do not appear to believe in individuality.

Neither party seems to be about choice. When a business makes the wrong political statement, whichever party agrees with it, they are happy, while the other party decides that it is time to go on a mission to take out that business.

If Republicans are going to say they are for business and for the creation of jobs, they need to stop doing the same thing Democrats are doing. Republicans should be promoting all businesses in any and all parts of the market. If Republicans truly believe businesses are a problem within government, then they need to get rid of laws and legislation that give privileges and benefits to businesses and truly let the market deal with the success or failure of every business like the Republicans are supposed to do.

And Democrats, well, you are no different from the republicans. You may have different virtues, but the logic you use is the same. You have the transparency as far as campaign finance, and that has not helped one bit. The only thing the campaign finance laws has done is make it even easier for incumbents to hold their seats. The ironic part is that to truly get businesses out of politics, you have to do the same thing the Republicans need to do and eliminate laws and legislation that give privileges and benefits to businesses.

In the meantime, I will continue to make my own decisions on which businesses I like or dislike based off of the products and services they provide to me. I don’t need someone or some government to tell me which business I should or shouldn’t frequent based off of a perceived political motive.

Oh, and one more thing, corporations are created by government. Maybe someone should look into that.

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