Voting is Speech.

I thought I would share my ballot to everyone. I altered it a bit to reflect more truth is what is being voted on. Hopefully you can read my writing.

There are a few that I didn’t alter as I felt good enough to actually pick those people on the ballot.
IMG_1378small IMG_1379small IMG_1380small IMG_1381small IMG_1382smallI do believe just about anyone and everyone may be offended by what I did in some way. Well, those most offended may not actually understand what free speech really is and may be thinking that I am wasting my vote.

With the exception of maybe a few of the candidates and issues on the ballot, I generally have a pretty good idea of who the candidates are and what the issues are that are being voted upon. I do believe it is reflected pretty well in my alterations of my ballot.

I do wonder if my ballot will be counted though…

As you can see, I did write in both my cats and my dogs. One of my dogs, Razule, does seem to have the drive to be sheriff. Unfortunately I don’t have enough pets to write one in for all of the races, so I put my name on any that were left over apart from the few people I decided to vote for.

My favorite alteration of all is what I did for the 4th district congressional candidates. There is a South Park episode that aired a few years back that gave me that idea. I just believe it fits so well.

Oh yeah, I was going to talk about free speech. You see, when you limit your choices on a ballot, you are limiting and gagging free speech. Which generally is illegal according to the first amendment. We don’t have too many people concerned about that for anyone to really make a huge issue out of it, nor do we have too many people actually concerned about upholding the constitution and actually protecting and preserving liberty and freedom.

You know, when Richard Norman Hastings was asked who he voted for in the primary when he endorsed Daniel Milton Newhouse, he responded that voting is a private issue.

To me, that seems to be wrong. If voting is such a private issue that you won’t even consider discussing who or what you voted for with another person, then we do have a huge problem in this country. People will announce to each other their support for their football teams, yet announcing who you vote for publicly is too risky and dangerous?

You see, it shouldn’t matter who you vote for because the law is supposed to be followed. If the constitution was followed like it is supposed to be, voting would be as public as choosing and rooting for your favorite football team. The rules of the game don’t generally change, but the teams and players do.

So we’re stuck with a system where the rules are followed or not followed depending on which team is winning.

So, really the only thing a person can do is refuse to play the game like they want you to and play it how it is meant to be played.

My vote is cast. It is online for the world to see. If anyone does not feel they can publicly cast their vote may want to re-consider who and what they are voting for as in this free country, your speech, your vote, is protected.

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