Tinfoil is All the Rage

I am sure you have gotten it before. You make some claim related to what the government is doing and some individual comes in and give the whole tinfoil hat response.

Mostly because they cannot make a case against what you may be debating, other times you may actually deserve it.

The problem, though, is many people who make the tinfoil hat claim don’t realize the tinfoil hat they are wearing themselves.

You know how it is, get a good gun control debate going, some pro-gun person brings up the idea that the government is going to confiscate guns and the anti-gun person throws out the tinfoil hat argument. Yet the anti-gun person is wearing a tinfoil hat. The chances of anti-gunners getting in a situation that they are attempting to protect themselves from is about as likely as they say a gun confiscation is going to happen. That is, the tinfoil hat anti-gunners do want gun confiscation. They want gun confiscation based off of their irrational fears. Yet they use the tinfoil hat argument against the pro-gun side.

But, the tinfoil hats don’t stop there. You see, these are the same people that think the NRA is solely responsible for not getting their preferred legislation passed. That is, these tinfoil hat wearing pro-gun control people are worried that their representatives are bought and paid for by the NRA.

The NRA is made up of individuals, so if the representatives are listening to the NRA, then they are listening to what the people want. So these tinfoil hat wearing gun control individuals seem to have created a fictional godlike entity that is in control of congress! Well, to me, that would seem like a tinfoil hat wearing situation.

Same with the hate for corporations and businesses. Lots of liberal types blame politicians for what they do because of corporations giving money to their campaigns. Politicians are said to be elected by corporations, yet somehow, it seems that they are actually elected by the people. They say money buys an election, but people have to actually cast a vote. So it means that the people choose who wins the election and it has nothing to do with the politicians or corporations buying the seat. What is with that tinfoil hat?

Oh, and here is the big one, you know, the TSA. Some Islamic extremists crash some aircraft into a few buildings killing thousands of Americans, and now every individual is subject to invasive searches of their person and belongings whenever they desire to fly commercial airlines. There has got to be a tinfoil hat wearing person there somewhere!

Practically everything the government does is based off of somebody wearing a tinfoil hat. It’s the people saying that we don’t need government that are stripping themselves of their tinfoil hats. But, you know, when you see the government as something that only does what is good, you tend to not notice the tinfoil hat you are wearing.

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