The Universe is Hilarious: Courts

Ok, so get this. We have an entire universe that is setup in such a way that it works perfectly. There are some basic laws to the universe that we can play with and use to benefit ourselves. However, this strange universe has also created things that fight against the laws of the universe.

I don’t know where to start really, so I will start with what I am thinking about right now, and that is the idiotic court system. Talking about the western court system. The whole judge and jury thing.

So, in order to become a lawyer, you have to take some test and pass it. If you practice law without the license, you can get thrown in jail.

Judge positions require this licensing crap or whatnot. Though most judge positions are elected, however many are appointed because judges apparently get appointed to new positions quite frequently and the position they open, somebody gets appointed into. Then when the election finally comes around nobody challenges the judge because they don’t want to run a campaign or the incumbent is difficult to beat just because they are incumbent.

You have all of this crap for judge and lawyers or attorneys. They need to know all kinds of legalistic crap, at least they make it as such that to be effective in the court system you have to know the bullcrap legalistic speak.

However, then you have the jury. The jury is made up of people who have no legal training whatsoever. The hilarious part is the jury gets to decide the freaking case! They don’t have to know one bit of law, they don’t have to know exactly how the court system works. They just get thrown in there and relatively randomly chosen and they are to decide on whether or not the guy on trial gets to go free.

The freaking jury could completely ignore anything anybody says during the case and give their verdict and the court and judge would have to abide by what the jury decides!

So, the legal requirements for judges and lawyers are bullcrap and the jury is bullcrap. So, courts are complete bullcrap!

In case you aren’t getting it, the law is decided by a jury which is most likely made up of people who know little to nothing about the justice system or the laws in place.

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