The Internet and the Memes

The Internet has always been a platform for somebody like me to express my opinions and ideas more openly and clearly. Text is just an easier way to express ideas than through voice communication as you have to deal with possible interruptions from other people when speaking directly to them. You can also fully think out a thought when typing so you might say something completely different to somebody through text than you would have said if you had reacted on a more immediate level.

Voice chat does have its place on the Internet, though. I would say more for gaming situations that might not allow for such immediate communication of immediate matters going on in any particular video game. Though, in MMORPG type situations, I had seen the benefits of text chat in the game as opposed to voice chat if only to allow deaf people to engage with other players in game. I am someone who is also a bit mic shy. I can also get a bit rambly too. But it kind of is awkward for me to voice chat, especially if there are other people around me. (Talking on the phone I dislike too and I avoid that as much as possible.)

Anyways, where was I going?

Well, I like how ideas can be better expressed through text to people. The Internet seems to be going in a strange direction. That is people don’t seem so concerned about the expression of their ideas in a significant way. People are more into short little quips than full on formulating a thought. I believe the type of culture that involves memes. It also is with social media like Twitter. I am sure there are other social media outlets out there that help guide people towards being less…thoughtful.

It just seems to me that the Internet is a space with relatively infinite storage, yet people are further and further limiting their thoughts and ideas.

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