New Ideas or Different Ideas are Frightening to People

It’s one thing to have an authoritarian leftist go completely nuts when it comes to my ideas about politics, but it is very strange to me when those on the right freak out over what I believe.

Though, I would have to say that I do believe the authoritarian left has moved so far to the left that those that freak out on the right are actually still on the left. That is the left is so far left that being just a bit leftist looks like you are on the right. So I suppose it could be that only leftists freak out over my ideas.

I had an interesting Facebook comment section chat on a post. Interesting in that the person I was chatting with was not interested in listening to a word I was saying. It was a conversation where personal attacks were being used against me instead of reason and logic over a certain topic. It is a somewhat normal occurrence on Facebook so it is nothing that really gets under my skin at all. I generally just roll with it.

The most interesting freak outs generally come from people that I would deem to be on my side politically. So, I had one of those freak outs happen a few days ago. I generally don’t make any lasting connections to people who appear to hate my guts on Facebook, so when somebody comes out immediately swinging I get a bit caught off guard. I generally don’t care to know any personal details about strangers on the Internet who hate me as I don’t plan on being their friend or even plan on going on some kind of vendetta against them. If I am going to mock or attack them in any way, it will be me using their own comments they made. I sometimes recognize names so I can recall previous conversations, but having a person just completely ignore your idea or argument and immediately resort to personal attacks just seems like a very strange phenomenon.

To me, the only reason to be prepared to attack like that is because I am somehow a threat. It could also mean that my Ideas are frightening to them.

Let me get down to it now.

We have a problem of ideas. If you believe something that isn’t mainstream enough, people tend to turn away from it or refuse to debate and take it into consideration. The pursuit of intellectual enrichment is almost completely non-existent. Instead there is a set of facts that is deemed true for one side and a set of facts deemed true for another side and anything outside of those bounds are wrong and not even worth simply storing in memory. There is no debate because the only debate you can have is within the bounds of those two sets of facts.

People shouldn’t see anything wrong with gathering knowledge or debating new ideas. We should be able to talk about and debate about things like communism, capitalism, homosexuality, religion, and gender politics. Just because you may not agree with something does not mean debate should be shut down. It also does not mean you should cease gaining knowledge about a new or different idea.

What happened to the culture of learning about new and different things?

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