Natural Rights?

Abortion on demand without apology seems to be the foundation of feminism. Women supposedly would not be free if she doesn’t have complete control over what is growing inside her uterus when she gets pregnant. It is considered her reproductive rights.

I would think that the egalitarian thing to do is to not see women as less than men because they might cook, clean, and vacuum while their man works.

Now, my question is do men have reproductive rights? I would simply answer no. In relation to abortion as a woman’s reproductive rights, men do not have reproductive rights because they do not hold the fate of a child in their hands. Not only can they not create a child without having to directly associate with another human being, but they cannot have any say over whether or not the growing child gets to fully come into the world.

A woman, however, gets to choose whether or not to get pregnant. She can do it with indirect involvement of a man. She has complete control over whether or not to get pregnant and whether or not to abort the child. She can create a child without having to depend on another human to make it happen.

If we are to say that abortion is a natural right, then we have to also consider the natural rights of men. We have to look at nature for our natural rights. What do the uncivilized species do that is a natural right?

How do natural rights a civilized society go together?

Now, I am not an anthropologist or zoologist. (Or maybe I might be?) I am going to use my favorite animal as the nature to look at. So I am using the lion. The lion is a social cat, they live in groups called prides. So they have what I would call a social organization, a sort of society if you will.

Generally males have a drive to propagate their genetics. There are rights in nature that come with that. For the lion, he gets to be leader of the pride. He also is the one that gets to mate with all the females of the pride in order to propagate his genetics. If a male lion comes into a pride of females, or a male fights off the current male of a pride and takes over the pride, the male has the right to kill any cubs that are not genetically his. It is essentially the strongest that gets to propagate their genetics.

So, the natural rights of the male is to be the leader, kill cubs that aren’t his, and fight off other males in order to be the male that the females mate with.

So, if abortion is a natural right and therefore OK to have in an advanced technological society, then if a woman has a child from another man and she decides to get with a new man, would it be considered acceptable for that new man to kill the woman’s child because it is his natural right? How about if a man fights off the husband of a woman? Is it a man’s natural right to make himself the only available man to a woman?

Hopefully the answer is of course not.

We live where generally intelligence wins over strength. Outside of actual sporting events, a woman isn’t going to want to be with a man that beats up other men for the sake of getting the woman. Civilization and technological advancement have eliminated or at least made those rights unnecessary because they are not really compatible with civilized society.

So is abortion something that should be part of civilized society? Is it truly compatible with civilized society when the medical technology and medical ability is such that a woman can be 100% sure that she will not become pregnant? That also a man can be 100% sure he wouldn’t be able to get a woman pregnant?

I would argue yes, abortion should be something unnecessary in a civilized society because a woman who doesn’t wish to have a child can take actions that can make her 100% certain that she will not get pregnant. A man, too, has things available to him that he can do to be certain he does not get a woman pregnant.

However, I cannot say for certain that abortion can be truly considered a natural right because it may be a result of technological advancement that made it possible.

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