How to Check Your Privilege

If you are reading this article, you are likely a straight white cisgendered male who has been told that you need to check your privilege or you may be somebody looking for some information to send that straight white cisgendered male friend or family member in order for him to understand the privileges he has being a straight white cisgendered male.

Now, when somebody tells you to check your privilege, they aren’t trying to be insulting. It isn’t some politically correct way of telling you that they think you are a bigoted asshole, they are actually using their knowledge of privilege that enables them to state the fact that it is important for you to check your privilege. It may seem as if having knowledge of privilege is a privilege because people can point out those who need to check their privilege, but saying it is a privilege to know who needs to check their privilege is wrong.

Now, you may feel some shame right now. Especially since you are here reading this. So you are well on your way to having your first privilege check.

An important thing to understand is racism. You can never experience racism as a straight white cisgendered male, so you need to experience racism. As a straight white cisgendered male you are more likely to follow the law and attribute yourself to more upstanding people, and that is racist. To check your privilege, when driving down a road, don’t drive with the expectation of encountering police officers who may be checking for speeders. (One thing you should also do is get rid of your new car and get an older one that looks like junk, it is also racist to be able to afford a brand new car.) Go for, maybe, 15 miles per hour over the speed limit just to be sure. Cops may just let you pass by at speeds 5-10 over. When a cop pulls you over, you will experience racism.

Also, consider having a couple alcoholic drinks before you drive. Plus, buy some marijuana to carry around in your car along with a couple handguns. It is important to equalize the prison population. Right now prison is racist and there needs to be more straight white cisgendered males in prison to check their privilege. Only then will you truly have experienced racism.

You should also find groups of people to hang around that are capable of experiencing racism. These people are laid back and are almost always victims of racism by cops. They know how racist cops are which is why the cops are always getting in the way of their freedom to be laid back when it comes to their lives. You will, at some point, see racism happen. You may get arrested, but it just wouldn’t be racist like the other people being arrested. You need to understand that it wouldn’t be racist for them to arrest you and your privilege will have been checked. You will then have experienced racism.

Now, as a straight white cisgendered male, you cannot experience racism, so you need to be understanding of that. You may even think that you have struggles of your own. In order to check your privilege, you must only care about the struggles of others and not suggest that you have struggles of your own. You may feel like there are high expectations put upon you, and that your struggle with that is just as valid as the struggle of others, but your level of privilege is actually so great that it skews your idea of what a struggle is. Making you think that your struggle is actually valid and greater than the struggles of others.

You may feel that checking your privilege is asking a lot, but it is actually asking very little. You really don’t have to do much, all you have to do is be careful about what you say. If somebody who is not a straight white cisgendered male comes around, you should do what they say. If they say to check your privilege, then do it. They truly know about when you are using your privilege. If you don’t check your privilege, you will continue to be an intolerant, bigoted, bastard who knows nothing about being tolerant and should be removed from the human race.

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