Everyone on the Seattle Times Editorial Board Should be Fired.

Yes, they should all be fired for putting in their newspaper their worthless and uninformed opinion as they have stated in this recent editorial board article.

They should all be fired, period. They appear to have no freaking clue who the heck it was that made it possible for I-594 to pass.

They completely ignore the amount of money that was raised for I-594.

The Washington Public Disclosure website does this wonderful thing, it tracks money spent and raised by various political groups and committees. Albeit this kind of disclosure is technically illegal according to the 4th amendment, but nobody really cares about that. I mean the Seattle Times editorial board doesn’t actually care about informing people about what the heck is legal or not.

Anywho, The group which got I-594 to pass was the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility. Which isn’t about gun responsibility. It’s solely about lobbying for legislation to infringe on the right to bear arms, through either firearms bans, or just straight out making it easier and easier for government to make criminals out of its citizens. On the other hand, the freaking NRA actually has firearms instructors that teach people how to shoot and how to be safe around firearms. They even have a program for children to help children know how to deal with a situation where they come across a firearm.

The Seattle Times editorial board seems to ignore or are just complete ignorant bastards when it comes to this information.

I sure would like to see the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility come up with a firearms training program and teach individuals how to shoot.

Oh, right, back to the freaking big money NRA coming to screw us all…oh wait, how much did the NRA raise in opposition to I-594?


Woo, lots of money there guys! I can see how the NRA is so scary.

But wait, the editorial board forgot something. There was ANOTHER group that was opposing I-594. It wasn’t the NRA.


I don’t know, if we’re to say that I-591 was the opposition to I-594 then we can probably say yes.

So, how much money did that group raise in opposition….or rather it was in favor of I-591.


WOO even more money than the NRA! That’s a lot of money. I can only imagine what I could do with that money. I cannot believe the Seattle times Editorial board failed to mention the huge amounts of money these groups have put into fighting I-594.

Or perhaps the board was actually smart…or dumb…in deciding that money wasn’t exactly directly for the opposition to I-594. Who knows really because as far as the Seattle Times editorial board cares, or knows, the NRA is the only lobbying group in existence.

OMG, there’s another group that was opposed to I-594.


How much money did they raise in opposition?


WOW! So much money! Now, as this is an opinion piece, I am going to opine that Protect Our gun rights was in opposition to I-594. Cause, well, I-591 would be the opposition to I-594.

That means a total of $1,871,739.92 was raised in opposition to I-594! DANG that’s a lot of money there! I mean I would expect the Seattle Times editorial board would want to inform people about the obscene amounts of money being spent to oppose this common sense initiative! This common sense initiative that the freaking backers say is common sense to not enforce or be followed as is written.

I guess the backers of I-594 forgot to read their initiative and the definitions they made up for the terms in their initiative?

Heck, the Seattle Times editorial board surly didn’t read the initiative. That or they are opposed to putting actual facts inside their freaking newspaper.

You wouldn’t want to put facts in your opinion articles either, I mean it might actually help inform people if you were to do such a thing, so yeah.

I mean, a fact like Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility raising $10,375,218.63 in support of I-594 might take away from the narrative that the NRA is just throwing freaking money out there to oppose the so called common sense initiative!

Wait, what the heck, the freaking I-594 backers raised over 5 times more money than all of the freaking groups opposed to I-594 combined!?

Oh, but that’s ok. The complaint was about out of state meddling, the NRA is national, so I guess its OK since the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility is in state.

But wait, what is this…Every Town for Gun Safety?

They gave the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility $2,310,000.

They are, GASP, from NEW YORK! They spent 5 times as much as the NRA! Out of state just like the NRA!

I wonder if they teach gun safety like the NRA?

Wow, not only that, but some guy from New York, named Michael Bloomberg, gave Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility $285,000!

Lots of out of state meddling going on it appears!

I cannot fathom why the Seattle Times editorial board wouldn’t want to inform their readers of those facts. Or wait, I can, because you are afraid of exposing your own freaking hypocrisy.

But we’re not done yet. Because you freaking believe it is more important to not focus on a freaking right being infringed upon. You prefer to focus on another right that you believe is OK to infringe upon, and that is the right to freaking keep the money you earned.

What? How did I get that out of your worthless editorial article?

Keyword: FUNDING.

You can’t wait until these unfunded Initiatives start forcing the legislators of our state to consider raising taxes to fund them. OR, well, cutting the salaries of teachers to fund them. Or even cutting out of the transportation budget so you can write more stories that will give you lots of attention.

Right, because you forgot to inform the people that the freaking initiatives they voted for do not have funding mechanisms. I wonder why the heck the editorial board would let that get past not being put onto the front page.

Yeah, cause if people saw that they will be screwed more out of their money to fund these initiatives, they wouldn’t have voted for them. And that would take away the entertainment value of the news! No more selling papers!

Maybe you should write an opinion on that huh? About how the news media is actually only about entertaining people and not informing them?

I mean, I even got the members of the local media in my area to admit that to me!

Anyways, you know, that means people will want to buy your newspaper and throw up a comment storm on your social media pages so they can find out in which bodily orifice they are being screwed.

Yeah, the Seattle Times editorial board seems to not care about people. I would suppose they would say the same thing about other laws they see as hurtful to groups of people.

“Yeah, lets not focus on chipping away at the segregation laws, it would be a waste of time, they still have their own schools already and it would be a monumental waste of legislative time.”

That about sounds right. Cause, it is not important, whatsoever, to the Seattle times editorial board that a law may actually be in violation of the rights of individuals. Or wait, it is important because that’s what makes the freaking news and what sells the newspapers. You wouldn’t have a freaking job if the freaking rights of individuals weren’t being raped away or voted away by a super-minority of voters.

OH! I suppose you missed that little tidbit. Freaking nearly 7 million people in the state and it only takes about 18% of them to vote away the rights of the other 82% of individuals residing in this state.

Where do I get those numbers?

Why would that matter, the Seattle Times editorial board doesn’t care about facts.

I do believe in actually informing people, so if you want to look at voter turnout and the state population, the total registered voters in this state is set currently at 3,922,248 and the total number of people who voted this last election was 2,124,330. That’s 54% of registered voters voting.

A google search can give a population estimate, I prefer to use 7 million because that’s a 7 and a bunch of zeros which is easier to type into a calculator. Also it is probably easier for the Seattle Times editorial board to comprehend too!

Meaning 56% of the population of this state are registered to vote. But only 2,124,330 people voted. Which means that 30% of the total population of the state voted.

Now, as the Editorial Board would never want to admit, I-594 is a violation of the right to bear arms as well as a violation of the right to privacy and the right to trial. The whole enchilada really. So, 1,242,734 people voted yes on I-594.

Which comes out as about 18% of the total population of the state. Or if you want to just ignore much of the population of the state, we can say that about 31% of registered voters voted yes on I-594.

In fact, more people didn’t vote than voted yes to complete removal of the right to bear arms.

In any other world, this super-minority controlling the majority would be scary to people like you who believe our government is a democracy and that it’s majority rule, but the constitution doesn’t use the word democracy at all and states that all governments are to be of the republican form.

Some other piece of information that the Seattle Editorial board wouldn’t admit. The freaking government we have is a Republic, not a Democracy. Though I bet they would call our form of government an oligarchy before they would even consider calling it a republic. Cause calling it a Republic would freaking inform people to where they would actually understand how their freedom and rights are actually protected and how a freaking Democracy lets people vote away their rights.

Lets be clear, people can still own guns even though a super minority voted to take the right to bear arms, it just isn’t considered a right anymore. It’s this thing known as a privilege. It’s a privilege because you have to get permission to come into possession of a gun. Or to at least get permission from the government if you don’t want to be considered a criminal.

You see, Democracy, majority rule, means that you have no rights, only privileges. What you may or may not do is determined entirely by what the majority decides, while in a republic, you have rights and the individual is protected. Freaking democracy squashes the minorities, while a republic prevents the minorities from being squashed.

Oh, look at that, I am being informative instead of inflammatory…sorry.

I keep forgetting that in the traditional media sense, I shouldn’t inform people, I should just do everything I can to entertain them and pander to what entertains them! You know, treat my audience like ignorant, brainless, dolts.

One more thing though, I was going to bring up the definition of editorial…

Sorry, being informative again…


An article in a publication expressing the opinion of its editors or publishers.

So it appears that all information and articles are filtered through the Seattle Times editorial board. If their wonderful editorial article from November 30th is any indication as to their bias and informative abilities, you can expect ZERO actual informative articles coming from the Seattle Times.

So, Seattle Times, in the name of doing what is right for yourself and the people who read your publications, fire your entire Editorial Board.


  1. His last point that an editorial is “An article in a publication expressing the opinion of its editors or publishers.” Mr. or Ms. Spikeflach negates his or her rant. As that is their collective opinion it is perfectly within the norm for them to express it. It is their freaking right.

    1. Ah, but every article that is placed in their paper goes through them, and this opinion reflects the information they filter in their newspaper. They appear to not recognize the other side, or rather, the existence of the people that are on their side as far as their opinion goes, which has completely and massively overshadowed anything the NRA has done all the while the people on their side are being bankrolled by out of state funding sources while they complain about the NRA being an out of state source.

      They are complete idiots and hypocrites. They can state their opinion, it’s called free speech. It is protected by the constitution they appear to not care about.

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