Dear Terrorists, Foreign Friends and Enemies, and the Easily Offended

Dear Terrorists, Foreign Friends and Enemies, and the Easily offended,

Please continue what you are doing. We here in the United States apparently have no balls. We are trying to create the perfect utopia here and we need everyone around us to threaten us in order for us to know what is or isn’t acceptable.

We thought things like free speech and the right to bear arms were good for the perfect utopia. We even played with the idea of being, what is called, a free country. It’s the whole idea that you can essentially do whatever you want as long as no other individual is impaired from their freedom to do what they want. You know, simple things like being in control of your life.

You have done a great job getting a movie banned from opening in theaters. It’s got even the Republican National Committee chairman calling for Sony Studios to put out the movie as planned. Never mind the fact that the RNC chairman, like me, likely would have not ever gone to see the movie. Also Never mind the fact that the Republicans, who are about free markets, are trying to tell a business what it should or shouldn’t do. It’s not like they complain about how democrats get a high from telling businesses what they should or shouldn’t do.

It’s likely a crappy movie anyways. I mean, even Adam Sandler gets crap from people about his crappy movies. But I know it isn’t about how crappy a movie is. You guys have it all figured out. You aren’t actually trying to get rid of crappy movies, you just don’t like the idea of people enjoying what they do.

We can’t have people in a utopia doing things they might enjoy. They should only enjoy the same things. Plus, we don’t want to encourage creativity. We already have the FAA in place making it illegal to sell photos shot from Aircraft, whether drones or manned. I mean, sure, they have a commercial license, but it takes a hefty premium to acquire though. Therefore creativity is well on its way to being quashed.

Oh! And while you guys are at it, can you guys do something about ladders? It seems it is still perfectly legal to shoot a photo from the top of a ladder and then sell the photo. They should require a license for that too because it would be just like shooting a photo from a drone in the air!

Oh, I said foreign friends too. I mean, friends get offended by each other all the time. So, I hope you understand that this letter is for those who are offended by what we have here in the United States.

I know, the second amendment protection to the right to bear arms is offensive to some. Even England. England has all but completely banned the right to bear arms. Never mind the fact that in World War II the United States Citizens did what they could to send a gun to defend a British home. It just seemed like a good idea for the Citizens of the US to bear arms. But I suppose England is right that firearms should be banned completely.

It’s being worked on though. Here in the State of Washington the people let an initiative pass that could easily make a felon out of any firearms owner which, in effect, would result in a very large number of firearms owners losing their right to bear arms. I mean, simply lending your gun to the person next to you at the firing range could get you slapped with a felony.

So, you terrorists, you did a good job there! Except the happening in Australia didn’t help your cause to further the Utopia States of America. You went and got yourself the terrorist label on that one, so it is a bit harder for you guys to forward the removal of the right to bear arms. You gotta work harder at being called Mass shooters or Gang Bangers.

Though, great job in New York, killing the two cops and not getting the terrorist label. I mean, I understand the difference between a terrorist and a murderer, but the media doesn’t seem to know at all. That or they have an agenda.

Wouldn’t that be interesting. One could consider the media is the one committing terrorism based on whether they label the action as a terrorist attack or a deranged murderer. You see, the terrorist strikes fear into people in order to get the people to give up their rights for their life and safety. Terrorists have a bigger agenda than just killing people. The average murderer just has a vendetta against whoever they are killing or just wants to kill people.

Now, the media strikes fear into people by using the mass shooter label. It drives the people to give up their rights for their life and safety.

Just an interesting thought I think…

So, guys, keep doing what you are doing. We here in the United States have no balls so we need to change the United States of America into the Utopia States of America as quickly and efficiently as possible before we all just die from fear of crappy movies, gun ownership, and aerial photography!

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