A Fence Won’t Do


The debate on securing the border rages on. Many people have suggested that building a fence will stop illegal immigration so Razule has decided to do an experiment to figure out how to secure the border.

As we see in the video, hopping the fence was not an issue. In fact, the offering of free incentives made the drive to hop the fence even stronger.

Razule explained that a fence makes illegal immigration more difficult, but there has to be security guarding the border watching to make sure nobody is trying to jump the fence.

Razule recommends that for the fence to be as effective as possible, there has to be few to no free incentives that may encourage illegal immigration.

He also recommends that a strong security presence be in place for the optimum limitation of illegal immigration. If there is actual security patrolling the border, the fence jumping would almost completely stop.

“As may be assumed, a combination of a fence and security should be used in order to secure the border,” Razule stated.

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